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Short Overnighter

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    • Short Overnighter

      Took advantage of the moderate weather to get out of the house and try some new gear. Just a short out and back to Hightop Mountain Hut in the SNP. 6.8 total miles. Saw a bunch of day hikers. There were a lot of large downed limbs on the designated campsites and with everything leafless I felt a little uneasy about pitching my tarp, plus the ground was soft and a little muddy. So I opted for the shelter.
      I had a couple of hours before dark so I decided I'd have a fire and gathered the downed limbs off the campsites and rebuilt the one side of the fire pit that was knocked over. Dinner was a dehydrated Shepard's pie and desert was a little Larceny whiskey and a cigar. My new Starlyte stove and Toaks pot worked great, boiling two cups of water on about a half ounce of fuel. The new 10* quilt had me toasty. There were a couple of mice running around, but they didn't bother me or my stuff. All in all a good night.
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    • jimmyjam wrote:

      A couple more pictures, there is a deer's rump in the first picture. Also had some nice barn owls in the woods with me last night.

      Took me a while but I finally found Waldo in that first photo, I was up in a tree one day deer hunting and a doe walked out into an open field with 6" grass, I watched for a while then turned to look in another direction for a few minutes, when I turned back I could not find the deer in that open field until it moved.
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