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shenandoah national park shuttle

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    • shenandoah national park shuttle

      We are wanting to hike the 107 mile stretch of the Shenandoah National Park this summer. We would like to park our car on the South end of the trail, take a shuttle or some type of transportation to the far North end and then hike back to our car.

      So two questions:
      Where can we park our car for the 9 days while we are hiking?
      What shuttle company or any other type of transportation can we get to take us from the South end of the Park to the very North end?

      Thanks for your help.
    • There is a Visitor's Center at the south end at Rockfish Gap. It is on top of the hill near the old hotel. It is a double wide trailer. You can go inside and tell the ranger your plans and park there. As for a shuttle you can look in one of the guide books or check on the ATCs web site Appalachiantrail.org or maybe Whiteblaze.net
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