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2018 Hiking Miles

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    • 2018 Hiking Miles

      How many miles did you hike in 2018? 6
        >2,000 (0) 0%
        1,500 (0) 0%
        1,000 (0) 0%
        750 (0) 0%
        500 (0) 0%
        250 (2) 33%
        100 (3) 50%
        <100 (1) 17%
      I thought it would be interesting to see how many miles we actually hike each year. So this poll is for the past year, 2018.
      • Please include all trails, not just the AT.

      • All miles hiked, not just new ones (I know some of some of us do a lot of out and backs, or local trails we hit hit often).

      • Counting hiking on trails, not just walking around the neighborhood or the local track.
      To make it look simpler I just put the levels, but 100 would be 100-249, 250 would be 250-499, etc..
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      Richard Ewell, CSA General

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    • between my back and then later in the year, my knee, an unusually low year for me. i didn't even keep my spreadsheet which i've updated weekly for probably close to 10 years.

      i'm guessing 150 or so miles pretty equally split between the desert in arizona and kennesaw mountain. all day hiking; no backpacking last year.

      i gained 10 pounds last year so my inactivity literally shows.

      i day hiked 4 days the first week in january so starting off this year on the right foot.
      2,000 miler
    • I'll estimate about 320 miles this year.

      Hiked another 270 miles of the PCT (less than I had hoped).
      Another 15 miles of the Long Trail.
      And the balance in various Day Hikes.

      Hoping to complete 400 PCT miles in 2019, but these will be desert miles and I do seem to have trouble with those.
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      the saddest are these, 'It might have been.”

      John Greenleaf Whittier
    • 80 AT miles in 2018 along with a dozen or two miles of hiking at my local state park or exploring in China and Malaysia. A winter storm warning pruned 13 miles off my spring hike in TN / NC and a delayed start cost me 12.4 miles in the Whites. Still, a good year with great views.

      But I did get a hardscaping project completed on the side of my house. My inspiration was the terraces at Machu Picchu.
      Trudgin' along the AT since 2003. Completed Sections: Springer Mountain to Winding Stair Gap NC, Max Patch to Franconia Notch NH and the Gale River Trail to Crawford Notch NH.