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BioLite Smokless BBQ and griller wood fired.

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    • BioLite Smokless BBQ and griller wood fired.

      This came across my screen and wow clearly it is way out there even to
      me. Smokeless BBQ does not interest me... BUT cooking without PROPANE is
      a winner! You can turn this down and have some smoke... or you can turn
      it up so you would not give up your position and use any fuel you want.
      I am thinking this would work for boon-docking or parking in a Walmart
      and save you gas. You can solar power this, or connect it to the RV your
      choice. Apparently, you can control the temperature by controlling the
      air flow... a little. What I am looking for is a discussion to discover
      if this fits the needs of the group. Please post both negative and
      positive below... I have no idea if this fits the forum. I do not
      represent Biolite.


      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup: