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Took a walk today

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    • Yesterday, Time Zone and I met for a day hike. We met in Tellico Plains and visited Bald River Falls which was amazing. All of the rain created quite a sight. We did a loop hike on Bald River Falls Trail and Cow Camp Trail with a short road walk back to the car. We then drove up to Unicoi Crest and hiked a few miles on the BMT. I think it was his first BMT hike(?). I was excited to introduce TZ to the BMT and it was nice to see my hiking buddy. Plus, the sun was shining...it was a great day.
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    • It was 28* yesterday afternoon, overcast, a bit of wind and with a dusting of snow on the ground but none of that deterred 14 hardy hikers who gathered at Island Lake State Park at 3pm.

      I had asked a co-worker if she wanted to go with me, so the 2 of us took off from the office at 2:12pm and I gunned it and arrived at 2:45. You never know what kind of traffic is going to be on Southfield or the Lodge so I'm just grateful no LEO's were travelling those roads at the same time :)

      We basically hiked the Hickory Ridge Trail which according to my Health ap was 5.7 miles. I started tuckering out the last 1/2 - 3/4 mile but I made it. :thumbup:

      Only downside was that I forgot to take my knee supports (one is a Donjoy neoprene sleeve and the other a Donjoy Sporlastic sleeve) and I was feeling it when I got home, particularly when going up and down the stairs. Not sure if below freezing temps would negatively impact them, but if not, I'll put them in the trunk along with my hiking shoes, hiking poles and gaiters.
    • One of the great things about hiking with a hiking group is that you get to meet and know a lot of people that you wouldn't otherwise meet. I hiked for about half the hike with a lady who asked what I did. I told her I was an accountant to which she replied that she is also an accountant. So then I told her a bit about my career and then she said well, I'm not exactly the same kind of accountant, I'm a revenue agent with the IRS and am on furlough". She said she normally takes off time during the holidays but once Jan 2 hits, she's normally back to work, but not this year. She said it feels weird but gave her the opportunity to join us at a mid/late afternoon hike.
    • max.patch wrote:

      i bundled up and braved the 42 degree weather and walked 2 miles around the soccer field. then it started to rain so i beat it for the comfort of my temperature controlled house.
      With all the rain an cold weather today I got almost three miles indoors earlier, and will try to grab another couple before I go home. Last thing I want to do now is slip and fall on something wet.
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