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Day Hiking the AT

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    • Day Hiking the AT

      I was surprised and pleased to see a story in my local paper to read a story of a man who just finished an AT hike...


      I was even more surprised to see he day-hiked the whole thing. He claims he is the first person to hike the whole trail as a day-hiker. My hats off to him, that is dedication. I would guess the logistics of day-hiking about triple the effort to get this done.
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    • in 2012 pj wetzel day hiked the appalachian trail; actually -- he day hiked the trail twice both north and south on the same trip.

      he had a van and would, for example, park at mile marker 10 and hike to mile marker 0 and then turn around and hike back to his van at mile maker 10 where he would (almost always) spend the night in his van. the next day he would park at mile marker 20 and hike to mile marker 10 and then turn around and hike back to his van. and so on. he never slept on the trail, spent almost every night in his van, with the occasional night at a motel or hostel

      he reported and received two 2,000 miler certificates from the atc.
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    • nah, the article doesn't have a place for comments and if he stays off facebook he'll never know about Wetzel.

      although...since he says "truly day hike" and makes reference to every night at home or in a hotel with shower -- maybe he is making a distinction between that and sleeping in van -- without a shower! -- parked at a trailhead. if so, i'd say that is parsing the definition of a dayhike a little too fine.
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