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Ice Age Trail - Southern Wisconsin

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    • Ice Age Trail - Southern Wisconsin

      This is a re-post from the "Other Trails" forum, I thought more might see it here.

      Anyone done any of the Ice Age Trail in southern Wisconsin? My sister and I are going to introduce her daughter to backpacking. We initially discussed a trail here in WV, but it's no way to break in a newbie. Niece lives in Chicago so I thought the Ice Age Trail would be much flatter than WV and it would be easier to get to. I've gotten the maps and guide book.

      It looks like there's a bunch of road walking in between the state parks. Still, it's flat and appears to not be too isolated. In looking at the maps, there seems to be two options without a lot of road - Kettle Moraine SF South and KMSF North.

      I've never hiked in that area but have some friends in Milwaukee should we need shuttles, etc.

      Any thoughts are appreciated.
    • Hi Ed, wish I could help you, but I have not hiked the Ice Age Trail. Kudos for getting out there with your niece though. You did not mention her age but my experience with kids is they are more about the camping fun and less about the miles. From what I have seen of Wisconsin I am sure you will find some beautiful places along this trail to camp.

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    • Thanks Scotty. I didn't think many from here would have hiked the area, but you never know. I'll be doing my usual over-planning with lots of bail-out points.

      She's in her 20s. Never really hiked or backpacked. My sister has been out to Philmont with me 3 times and an AT hike that we had to abort after 25 miles.

      I'm thinking 4-5 days for about 30ish miles. No rush. If she doesn't like it, that's fine too.