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Ice Age Trail - Southern Wisconsin

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    • Ice Age Trail - Southern Wisconsin

      Anyone done any of the Ice Age Trail in southern Wisconsin? My sister and I are going to introduce her daughter to backpacking. We initially discussed a trail here in WV, but it's no way to break in a newbie. Niece lives in Chicago so I thought the Ice Age Trail would be much flatter than WV and it would be easier to get to. I've gotten the maps and guide book.

      It looks like there's a bunch of road walking in between the state parks. Still, it's flat and appears to not be too isolated.

      I've never hiked in that area but have some friends in Milwaukee should we need shuttles, etc.

      Any thoughts are appreciated.
    • I've studied it for a possible extended hike, but I wish to thru the AT prior to another major hike. And yes it poses the challenge of considerable road walking. But Wisconsin does offer great brats, cheese, and other foods. I also hear the beer is not too bad.

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