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Macafee's Knob, Tinker Cliffs: How much snow right now?

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    • Macafee's Knob, Tinker Cliffs: How much snow right now?

      Hello Friends! I thruhiked in 2003, and since had babies. My youngest is now 7 and we have planned a spring break trip to Macafee's Knob and Tinker Cliffs. We are trying to average 5 miles per day (biggest day 6 miles) - 4 days, 3 nights, in and out from Rt. 311. I was super bummed to find the weather report so cold, but I made bag liners for the kids and the fit in the stuff sacks, so that's great. But there is a snow storm headed that way, and I heard (not from a hiker, but a person from the region) that there is already snow on the ground. Can anyone please help me with a report on the conditions in that area? My little guy is very small and he'll only be carrying a small water bladder, but I would really like to know about how much snow we are going to be dealing with before we drive 3.5 hours. 5 miles per day is optimistic with NO snow.
      Many Thanks!