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Big Foot, ah, I mean feet

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    • Big Foot, ah, I mean feet

      About a week ago, when we got our first little snow, I put on my new Sorel Caribou boots for the first time since I bought them about a year ago.
      I was surprised to find that they were tight on my feet. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised since the last pair of shoes I bought were an 11 instead of the 10 or 10.5 that I've worn for years and years.
      I mentioned the boot thing to my wife Kathy and she told me that she read somewhere that as we get old (whatever that is) that it's common for our feet to get bigger.
      I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar issue, with your feet getting bigger as you aged.
    • Also, every shoe manufacturer has their own "lasts"....the base they build their shoes from. I always check fit on every shoe! I was getting fit once for some real nice dress shoes. I marched up to the saleslady and told her I needed some brand-X and I ALWAYS wear a size 12. Right....she smiled, measured me. Then wisely brought out the size 12 i just KNEW I wore, plus some 12.5 and 13 in different widths. She "schooled" me about how every shoe makers shoes, and even models, vary. Fit the shoe to the foot, forget "always" size.....
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    • There are differences even within the same manufacturer's offerings.

      Case in point - New Balance trail runners are sized smaller than other New Balance shoes. I was sized at a local New Balance retailer and got a very comfortable pair of 'dress' sneakers. A month later, I went to a New Balance outlet store and tried on a pair of trail runners in the same size. They crushed my toes! When I asked the clerk, she told me that the NB trail runners are 1 - 2 sizes smaller than their other offerings. I ended up buying a pair of street runners that fit the same as my dress sneakers.
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    • Depending on the shoe I've worn anything from 11-13 my entire life. USUALLY more in the 11.5-12.5 range but that's still ridiculous.

      Edited to add: My entire alleged adult life, that is.
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    • I've gone from a 10.5 or 11 to a 12 or 13 in the last ten years or so.

      10 years ago I was working for Men's Warehouse. I purchased about 4 pairs of shoes that cannot be put on anymore. Bunions have formed, my feet have flattened. And unfortunately the pain has increased.
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