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Took a 9 mile AT walk today... Pinnicle - Pulpit

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    • Took a 9 mile AT walk today... Pinnicle - Pulpit

      Here is the map at the top left of the page. My brother's and I decided to for-fill my dad's wish, and clearly he must have set this up with a bonding moment in mind. I have been up the mountain some 6 times from memory, I have learned it isn't a hike that should be done when the trail is wet or full of soppy leaves on the rocks. We arrived after an hours drive, at the Hamburg Reservoir, to a almost full lot, and headed up the access jeep trail and once we passed the "pond" we were by ourselves for the next two hours.
      The fog was thick from last nights rain... The leaves told a story of a better weekend before as they have turned the trail yellow and red.

      These outcrops and trails are a magnet for hikers in September with the fall colors and clear vistas as one can see for miles. Today there wasn't an opportunity to see beyond 20 feet. The pinnacle is 1600 vertical feet above sea level, It has a cliff face that exceeds 80 feet to the bottom, and over the years a few have fallen off it. We decided to take the easy way up to the Helicopter landing zone at the top, and travel out to the Pinnacle first. Its a long flat ridge trail & we worked out a way among-st the slippery rocks near to the edge and sat down as again we were all alone.

      There wasn't any wind to speak of and there wasn't any sound except the chickadees chirping nearby. Paul asked us if we wanted to participate and I did not, I said, "Do the honor and get it done."... he spread the ashes off the cliff, and said his goodbye's We sat down and opened our packs for lunch there after a time and discovered we had all brought Tuna Sandwiches, by accident, and I passed out Ashley's chocolates from Halloween. A young family that we passed at the pond finally caught up with us and sat down nearby, with a mom yelling at the boy for running around too close to the cliff. We decided to go as there was much more to the trip. The way back to the Pulpit was what most complain about the "Pennsylvania Rocks" as they will trash your best boots and feet. Most would never use poles, but I did - I cannot afford a twisted ankle that needs surgery as Paul did years before.

      This is the trail between the Pinnacle and Pulpit, ankle biters and sneaker removers. It's easy when dry, not so much after a rain... A mile simply takes twice as long when wet. Too cold for snakes they have gone down between the rocks to hibernate. In fact, I hardly saw any wildlife.
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup:
    • As we headed back, we saw small groups of people headed out to the Pinnacle, The odd part to my brothers was the number of high school & college women and to them the lack of men or boys this fine day. Oh they had their school colors and sweats on, representing upstate schools I had never heard of. We picked our way across a moraine of rock and continued on to the Pulpit, just behind it is Penn State Astronomy telescopes at the top of the mountain.

      We then headed down a rock staircase and by this time, I too was fed up with the rocks, my leg muscles were cramping and my feet, well I would not wish the pain on anyone, I am still 245 pounds.
      We reached the bottom of the ramp, and I found this decorated stone behind a tree... I chuckled as I know a Girl Scout planted the "Friendship Stone" for some to find. It's one of those things that you find and go - what? and smile. Here is a pic of what the woods look like when we haven't touched the area.

      So I hope you enjoyed reading this... I passed my phone to my brother to take a pic of me and yes I am smiling and gritting my teeth as I need to control the pain.
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup: