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Thinking of being Ohio bound

    • Thinking of being Ohio bound

      I live about 35 miles east of New York City, on Long Island.
      For a while I've had this idea that I want to walk to my son's house in Mansfield, Ohio.The route would go something like this, from New York City I'd hike north on NY's Long Path to Harriman State Park. From there it would be the AT southbound to New Jersey's High Point State Park. Then north again on the Shawangunk Ridge Trail so I can then pick up the Long Path again going north into the Catskills. There I'd pick up the Finger Lakes Trail going west across New Yorks southern tier. Then I'd take the North Country Trail across the north west corner of Pennsylvania and into Ohio. That's as far as I've gotten so far in my rough planning. I'd still need a route to my son's place.
      While I haven't added up mileage I'm guesstimating about 1500 miles.

      I'm thinking next summer might be the time to do this but I haven't yet broached the subject with my wife or boss.
      It would be an adventure for sure, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up a career I enjoy or to be separated from my wife for months at a time.
      I'd be interested to hear any and all opinions of my plan.
    • I share many of your feelings, both desires and constraints. I would love to do an AT Thru-Hike, but still have one child still in high school, and prefer not be away from my wife for that long. The next question is how long do I want/need to keep working full time.

      I think the NY-Ohio hike is an awesome idea, and you would get to see a lot neat things. It also would have special meaning for you. :thumbup:

      My best recommendation would be to get the paper and pencil out and weight the pro and cons, and look at things such as timing (now, 1 year from now, 2 years, 5 year, etc..). Basically somehow logically weighing what is most important for you emotionally. Then perhaps emotionally reviewing your logic. To me planning is a big part of the adventure, even if it does not happen right away. In the end just try to make the best decision for you, and enjoy it. :)
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    • If you want to do it, you will.

      Me? If I was going to spend 1500 miles hiking anything...it would be the northernmost 1500 miles on the PCT...even though...hmmm....I've got almost exactly 1500 miles to go to complete the AT....

      Funny how things change with time and experiences...

      YMMV...just sayin...
    • does your son have the type of job/home life/vacation that you can call him in march and say "see ya sometime in july or august'?

      for the time commitment that 1,500 miles requires i'd probably pick the trail that i wanted to do the most. that may or may not be the trail to your son's house. i remember you talking about this years ago on trailplace so it may very well be.

      i know one things for sure -- if you do the trail you describe -- you will be able to claim a FKT!
      2,000 miler
    • I brought the subject up with Kathy yesterday and her first reaction was " What about the AT in Maine? What about our plan for the AT? "
      I reminded her that we've skipped the AT other summers for other vacations.
      I guess I'm just going to have to weigh the pros and cons like Astro suggested.
      I'll keep ya all informed.
    • Dan76 wrote:

      Plan the hike and keep us informed.
      I've been sitting with the computer the last couple of hours to figure out how far my hike to Ohio would actually be.
      The best I can figure right now is 1113 miles, in round numbers. That' not counting the numerous times I'll have to go off the trail for resupply, post office stops, motel to shower, and on and on. I'm thinking of starting in the middle of July 2019. Come spring 2019 I'll talk to the folks at work about a long term leave of absence.