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from washington mountain nobo for a small week

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    • from washington mountain nobo for a small week

      Hi! We are planning a week on the AT. We'd start with the presidential summits the first day and go nobo from there 4 more days.
      I'm trying to figure out where we would potentially come out on the 5th day. We know we'll be doing Mahoosuc Notch, and we are looking forward to it!
      Could anybody help me out figure out the average speed of that area?

      May the spirit of the mountain goat protect us all!
    • Very hard to say what your average speed will be not knowing your hiking experience and capabilities. Over the years my brother and I find we average approx 2 miles/hr including break time. In the mountains 1 mile/hr could be a reasonable average.

      Weather can have a major impact. Years ago when I still carried a 60 lb pack I had the wind on Mt Washington knock me down three times. After the third time I got enough sense to change my route and get down to lower country.
      The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.
    • That's kind of like asking what shoe will fit me and I've never seen your feet, we're all different. If I'm on a long hike I plan for 2 miles/hour and always end up averaging 2.25, 9 hours consistently gives me 20 miles. If I'm just getting up off the couch and going out for a few days I'd plan on 12-16 miles per day, maybe less the first day, and if I had the time I'd only do 8-10 and sleep late each day.
      I may grow old but I'll never grow up.
    • Thank you for your reply guys.
      I do not know our exact speed miles/hour. I figure we're not the slowest nor the fastest. Probably average. From reading posts I know that the area we are aiming (Mahoosuc Notch) is the slowest of the entire trail and not a 20miles/day section.
      Not to be stressed out afterall, we'll get out when we run out of time wherever that might be, I guess.

      See you on the trail fellas :D