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Passing the torch to the younger generation.

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    • Passing the torch to the younger generation.

      I happen to have a great bartender at a local restaurant who loves to hike and wanted to do the Pinnacle. She will be camping alone and hiking the AT. She was going to sign up and pay for Blue Rocks Camp. - I happen to have met the owner and he is a retired Purple Heart and served in the military. But she doesn't have the bucks to stay there. She just graduated with a cool Biology Major and she is over twenty something. So I suggested staying for free at Weiser State Forest. Just take two gallons of spring water as you are driving to the top of the mesa or top of the AT. I supplied her with advice and topo maps and "You go Girl"

      How do you feel about that?
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup:

    • OK here is part of what I offered as to what may be good advice. She is a current Graduate of West Chester U and a good acquaintance. She was going to stay at Blue Rocks C. I said that's fine, if you need those services. You could take two gallons of Spring water and sleep in your car and head up to the top of Weiser State pitch a tent or whatever and stay for free at the Antenna property (which is something I do) and connect into the trail system for a few days for free. There is lots of group camping year round in Weiser so I feel there is no risk. She can do what she wants... It was a shared idea.
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup: