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How to send a care box

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    • How to send a care box

      I have someone thru hiking the Appalachian trail as we speak. He should be by the hot springs any day now!
      But my question is..how do i send him a box of supplies?
      Can it be Fedex or does it have to go thru the post office?
      Are there things i can not send? (Alcohol, lighters, etc.)
      And possibly some prices, if anyone might know the price ranges?
      Any random recommendations on items are also appreciated!
      Thank you in advance!!!
      Good luck to all those who are hiking! ♡
    • Unless you know where he plans to stay it would be hard to Fed-Ex it. If you do know where they plan to stay just ut it in care of the establishment. If you aren't sure the easiest way would be to ship it general delivery to the PO.

      Hiker Name
      General Delivery
      Hot Springs, NC 28743

      Keep in mind they do have to carry what you send them (or give excess away) so don't get to carried away. I always appreciated a local newspaper from back home & a few nips of booze were a nice treat. I would avoid lighters. It's best sent priority mail. That way if the PO is closed & they can't pick it up it can be forwared free.
    • I sometimes send myself stuff by "dropbox". I use the US mail priority boxes. You'll of course need an address of a hostel, hotel, outfitter or other place ahead of him that will accept a box. Address it to that place and add "Hold for AT HIKER "insert real name" arriving about month/day.
      Candy bars, gum, small tube toothpaste, TP, maybe some mountain house type freeze dried meals, jerky, honey buns, cheese or peanut butter crackers, cookies. No fuel or flammable liquids.
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    • Hopefully you are in contact with them and know there itinerary. Send it General Delivery to a PO c/o hiker name. To make sure it gets there in time take the estimated delivery time and add a few days as a buffer.

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