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Alcohol stove collaboration

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    • Alcohol stove collaboration

      Hi all,

      I'm new to the forum here and though that it would be a good place to start on my quest to find a collaboration partner for an alcohol stove project.

      If you have knowledge on how to build alcohol stoves, particularity Tektobas design I would love to hear from you and potentially collaborate on a project.

      Anyone out there? PS.

      If you aren't interested in collaborating I'm also interested in hiring someone for their time.


      :D :D :D
    • Well in the early thread T weighed in from Japan... towards the 3/4 quarter of that thread. possibly from memory the member that got him here is no longer here, I am not sure. And to be honest after several tests here at my house a non T stove or shall we say a Tinny's, Zen, or Packa feather, or another member out performed the T version not from weight that was almost the same.

      I am going from memory here so if I have made a mistake I am referencing a thread from some time ago. That doesn't mean we are not willing to help - as a group we are... What can we do for you?
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup: