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Pinhoti trail Adams gap to Cheaha ?

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    • 1) My relatives have a fish scale I"m going to hang from my storage shed's porch and put my pack on it. Add the basic list; tent, sleeping bag, etc. and weigh that.

      Then add things I should take in addition to that.

      2) And put 2 liters of water, meals and snacks for 3 days in it. See how much that weighs.

      Try to walk around the backyard with each set of items. See if I can keep the entire thing between 30-35 pounds.

      Probably walk okay with just the basics, less food and water. I'll exercise until I can get all of it, 30-35 pounds, in the pack and walk without having a hard time.

      Then I"ll plan a hike.
      "What do you mean its sunrise already ?!", me.
    • JimBlue wrote:

      I have burned myself with a Sterno. Stove. So I would rather keep the msr. Stove. Apparently I don't see the flame easily and that was years before any eye problems.

      I think I can get it down to 30 pounds total including food and water. I'll get something of a more exact weight to test the person scale accuracy. I just don't see how there could be a 12 pound difference. I expected a 3 pound difference at the most.
      Too bad I or others don't live closer, we'd assist in getting your pack weight to a manageable level.

      JimBlue wrote:

      I just need to stop typing and exercise more.
      set a daily time frame to exercise. Make it a priority.

      Lest we forget.....

      SSgt Ray Rangel - USAF
      SrA Elizabeth Loncki - USAF
      PFC Adam Harris - USA
      MSgt Eden Pearl - USMC
    • Didn't walk but I did move boxes in my storage shed. For 30 or 40 minutes. Well heated from the sun. So I did get exercise.

      Found my old camp stove and the fuel bottle. Bottle has 2 caps. One is a pour top. Stove is heavy so I will use it for car camping.
      "What do you mean its sunrise already ?!", me.