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Looking for partner or joining the group anytime b/w July 20th and August 15th

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    • Looking for partner or joining the group anytime b/w July 20th and August 15th


      I'm looking for partner / join a group for hiking.

      WHEN: I have time b/w July 20th and August 15th , but I'm flexible here: if you have only one, two or three weeks between those dates that's all fine

      WHERE: I'm open for ideas. So far I'm considering Maine / 100 mile wilderness, NC / Black Mountains, GA / Benton MacKaye trail. What i'm looking for is just rather wild, not crowded area

      Briefly about me: I'm 31 year old, based in Brooklyn, NY where I moved
      almost three years ago from Warsaw, Poland. I have long term experience in hiking
      and mountain climbing, been on multiple self made mountain expeditions ( Alps,
      Pyrenees and Carpathians in Europe, Pontics in Turkey and Himalaya in
      Asia). After moving to U.S never had a chance to find time to explore
      american mountains and finally this summer want to start with the
      Appalachian. I'm open minded, easy going with love to people and nature[IMG:http://whiteblaze.net/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif]

      If you'll be in interested please write here or email me at sarniak.eryk@gmail.com
    • Welcome Eryk. You should post pictures of your previous trips, they sound really interesting. :)

      The AT is a well-established trail and an experienced hiker should have no trouble hiking solo. If you have questions about specific sections, don't hesitate to ask, there's a lot of AT experience here.
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