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Jumping on AT July 5

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    • Sole2Soul wrote:


      I completed my first 31+ miles of the AT on July 7. Started at the Springer parking lot at USFS 42. Hiked 14.5 miles day 1 and spent the night at Justus Creek. Absolutely beautiful! I did not feel in jeopardy of being short water this 1st day, in fact I over carried. Got rained on for an hour or so but then it let up and I dried out.

      Day 2 I left Justus for Lance Creek. There was less water in this 10 miles. I still overcarried. Spent the night at Lance Creek. Tent pads are small but adequate. Rained like crazy the 2nd night! Wow...lots of water. Stopped around 10pm. Thankfully I dug small trenches around my tent to divert the water. Seemed to work!

      Day 3-went from Lance Creek to Neels Gap! Best part of the hike. Climbed to the top of Blood Mtn only to see a white out. Spent about 40 minutes at the top. White out started to burn off. Had some decent views by the time I started down.

      Had a good climb each day - day 1 climbed Sassafras and Justus. Day 2 climbed Big Cedar and day 3 it was Blood Mnt. All 3 were incredible and challenging.

      Loved every moment of the hike. Plan to do my next section in the fall. Would like to finish GA by end of year.

      Thank you all for your encouragement and guidance.
      Success! So glad you enjoyed your time on the A.T.! :) Take care of it for us out there. Cheers!
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