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Another Kevin adds Backcountry Navigator!

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    • WOO - I have other tiles that work with BCN. You can preview at https://kbk.is-a-geek.net/catskills/karl.html. (The 'catskills' in the name reflects the fact that this started out as a Catskills project before it got entirely out of hand. You should be able to pan and zoom pretty much anywhere in the Northeast or mid-Atlantic. It goes north to the Canadian border, east to the ocean, south to somewhere in Georgia, west as far as central Michigan, the Indiana-Ohio line, and parts of Kentucky and Tennessee. I don't really have the bandwidth or computing capacity to do a bigger map comfortably.

      If you shoot me an email (kevin dot b dot kenny at gmail dot com) I can walk you through how to set them up as a custom map in BCN. I don't usually post the instructions far and wide because that's my home server handling the data.

      I usually roll a new set of tiles a couple-three times a year. (I'm overdue right now, but I need to hold off until I've got another map project done - right now the GIS system that makes the tiles is going through some major surgery.) If you've got anything you want to see, particularly if you know where data can be obtained, let me know!

      Aside to Rasty - I realized that I promised to do a map of Linville Gorge in that format. Was it you that asked for it? If so, can you send me the link to the GPX files again? I lost it. ;(
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