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Phone apps that have really changed in less than 1 year.

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    • Phone apps that have really changed in less than 1 year.

      Well out of frustration it was time - I had my Samsung 1 and 1/2 years and every day it required a reset in the morning( every Morning). Lots of apps all clamoring for CPU and memory... It was over loaded. I backed up my Google numbers and did a full reset. As I install the apps that I actually used.... some have disappeared and others are not as good as they used to be...

      Some disappointments
      Google My Tracks Free)- shut down a few months ago... an embedded easy to use app (Down and Dirty) that worked with google maps and recognized with google earth. Retired. - with no known replacement.

      Sundroid - calculates Sunset - so you don't get caught on the trail and calculates full moon in case you want to keep going.... the moon calculation has been removed.

      Backpacker Pro GPS- no idea what the hell happened cant find it and it wasn't the best.

      Some have suggested Gaia App and its $20 and as soon as I can figure out how to change my CC card in Google - I will set it up. But there are others.......
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    • My Track turned any smart phone into a down and dirty Hike Recorder to track your progress and I miss it. I figured out how to get the app back on the phone after it was deleted but cannot be added to any other phone..The old crappy Backpacker Mag app is also gone...

      Here is some apps that may be of interest

      • Google Fit * appears this is the replacement and bluetooth connects to a watch.
      • Strava
      • Endomondo
      • Map My Run
      • Map My Hike
      • GPS Logger for Android
      • GPX Viewer
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup:

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    • Backpacker Pro was withdrawn as well - from my personal experience on a Motorola and a Samsung - it was buggy. It frequently exceeded resources of the phone in terms of CPU & Ram. It did have the ability to pull up detailed satellite images and Topo from the 50-60's Sometimes one would have trouble getting to the start feature. It would suck a battery dry even if it was in background all day.

      Here is a video of the free lite version

      My best guess is that Google Tracks used the built in maps that were on the phone already - I did not get that sense from the Backpacker Pro
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    • Google Maps works only with Google's own apps or apps where the developers have paid Google. You need an "API Key" to get the tiles.

      In any case, Google's map, even the terrain map, sucks for hiking. (There is a distinct shortage of really good hiking maps for the less popular trails, even among the stuff you have to pay real money for. )
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