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Baseball Thread

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    • odd man out wrote:

      didn't baseball used to have 2 very large divisions per leage? In that case, I thought the wild card system made sense. Now that there are smaller divisions, I can see having only the winner of the division go through. But with only 3 divisions, you need a 4th to get single elimination playoffs. So how about adding one more expansion team per league and reorganize into 4 divisions with 4 teams each and have not wild card? Then we can argue over which city should get the expansion teams and which teams go in which division.
      Going to 4x4 in each league is what is currently in MLB plans, questions is when (need to resolve Oakland and TB stadium issues first).
      Prior to 1969 was 10 teams (8 teams prior to 1962) in each league with winner going to WS. 1969 started divisional play with 2x6 (and great schedule 5x18 in your division 6 x12 in the other). Then 1994 was when things got out of control with 28 with odd divisions and wild card, and eventually 30 teams (eventually forcing inter-league play everyday when Bud Selig forced Astros to move to AL ).
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