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Baseball Thread

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      I guess the thought it that is just an exhibition game.
      I know Minor League Baseball starting using "International Rules" for extra innings for regular games this year. I guess they didn't use that because it still requires pitchers for at least one inning. Plus this hitting contest got them some extra media attention. :)
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      i don't think anybody really thinks the west "won" because of a hitting contest.

      brings up an interesting tought -- in games like this should the mangager "hold back" players in case of extra innings? or try to get everyone in the game?

      i'm thinking that all star games should go 9 ininngs and then just end even if tied. try to get everyone in the game.

      i've come full circle on this -- selig made the right call at the time back in 2002.

      edit to add: although he can certainly be faulted for not considering that this was a possibility and not having come up with a plan to handle the situation.

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