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Ion Sport Cam camera

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    • Ion Sport Cam camera

      Mine came with a bicycle mount. Should work just fine on external frame backpack or a selfie pole.

      I decided to test it. I put in a 32 gig MicroSD card, and fuly charged the battery.

      I checked it and I had two 1 hour and 45 minute videos, and a 20 minute video. Note that HD resolution, the video time decreases to 45 minutes accourding to the paper that came with it. I haven't tested it at HD.

      The bicycle mount that comes with it has an open rubber rnig to help it hold fast to tubing without scratching the tubing.

      I was tired and so I'm not sure it it just made the first video and then made a second, then a third one. I know it shutoff, and I turned it back on, the result was a video less than a minute long. It buzzed three times just before it shut off.

      No, I didn't keep the videos, they were just of the wall with the ceiling fan shadow flickering as the fan turned.

      Colors were sharp and easy to see. I could see the grain in the wall paneling. Objects were clearly seeable.

      The maximum distance I videoed was 10 feet.

      I'll take it with me on a short hike I'm planning for later this year. That video I'll keep and likely post. I'll do a further review then.

      Camera cost me under $70 and wasn't on sale. Ion has several cameras just as pricey as the GoPro cameras. I had to purchase the microSD card separately as it doesn't come with one. This comes in blue or red. There are two resolution settings, HD and WVGA. I chose WVGA. I bought the red as it was the only one instock at Wal-Mart.

      Here are photos of it. The long button on top moves forward for videos, and the small button is for photos.

      The end cap is off, and supposed to be waterproof to 3 feet, shows where the microSD card is placed, the camera is charged, and the resolution is selected. The reset hole is to return it to factory defaults. Yes, it records rectangular photos and rectangular videos, not circles...

      "What do you mean its sunrise already ?!", me.

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    • Recharged the battery and ran it again. Got a 3 gigabyte file using a 32 gig micro SD card. It buzzed 3 times, stopped recording then recorded a 412 kilobyte file.

      I didn't move nor touch it either time...

      So it doesn't look reliable for videos.

      When I just take photos, it works fine.
      "What do you mean its sunrise already ?!", me.