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    • I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about that tent. Personally, it would be too heavy for me as I can't comfortably carry a lot of weight. Are you looking for a tent within a certain budget?
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    • Don't know about Alps tents but took a quick look at one online.
      From what I can see it's pretty roomy for a 1 person tent but bear in mind that does not leave room in the tent for your pack. Pack will squeeze in vestibule but will then be a pain in the ass when you want to get in and out. Also pack will undoubtedly push against fly and water will seep through where it touches. The fly may be "waterproof" but they all seep where something pushes against them.
      Also the entrance zip opens above the inner. When it's wet opening the fly will cause water to drip down into the inner.
      Most of these issues apply to many tents and I'm not trying to dissuade you from the tent just highlighting practical issues in the field.
      Unless you are a very small person I personally advocate 2 person tents for single hikers. With the modern tents the weight penalty is small and the larger tents are so much better for gear and water issues. For best weight, space and price options I recommend something from the Tarptent range but if you want a two wall tent and/or freestanding options you will either have to spend significant dollars or carry 5 or more pounds.
      That's my two cents worth...
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    • My son has an Alps, not sure what model off hand, got it for him a couple years ago now. He likes it fine, and there is ample room for him and a friend. Not the lightest tent in the woods, but seemed pretty well constructed. I'll find out later on today what model it is. I I recall correctly it was about $160 on sale, again a couple years ago, 2 person...looks almost like the lynx, but I'm sure it was something else.

      He says it's an Aries

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    • Alps gear is not a bad value. Typically a bit heavier than more expensive stuff, it's also a bit more robust. If you're a member of a Scout troop, the troop can sign up with hikerdirect.com for a discount on Alps gear. Gear has to be bought through the hikerdirect.com site, not through retailers.

      I've been using a ???? 1.5 (can't remember the model name) for years and it suits me. No room for gear inside, but I rarely bring packs and such in. The side entry on the Lynx looks good. Mine is an end entry - not optimal when raining.

      Check specs before you buy...

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