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Deuter packs

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    • Deuter packs

      I've been meticulously scanning the Internet for the past year for the perfect pack... It's a heartless never ending task. I finally halfway settled on the deuter futura vario, but I'm not sure what the Benicia are compared to the popular Deuter act pack. Anyone have firsthand experience?
    • JoshofSparta
      First, welcome to the Appalachian Trail Café!
      There is no such thing as the perfect pack.
      You have to decide what features are most important to you and which one's you're willing to compromise on; price, weight of the pack, ability to haul large heavy loads, durability, comfort, internal or external frame, pockets or no pockets,....I think you get the point.
      A quick scan of the Deuter web site shows different size packs within this product line.
    • Suggest using the Internet to refine your pack search to budget limitations. Then visit stores to try and get fitted to a variety of packs.

      I've been fortunate to buy several packs from folks giving up on hiking after the first overnight. Are the packs perfect in every aspect? No...but they fit and the price was right.

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    • I own the ACT 65 Lite...weighs 4 lb (specs say 3 lb, 15 oz), good pack if you want to carry 40-50 lbs (which I don't), I carried 42 lb pretty comfortably in the the Rockies with it, I was in the learning stages of backpacking when I bought it, and I still don't know much more than I did then, one of the main reasons I went with it was the adjustable torso, my pack weight now for 4 days is around 25 lb so I now use a much lighter pack (Granite Gear Crown 60 @ 2 lb, 2 oz)...I'd have to say I do like the pack, it's just more than I need.
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    • Thanks all, I ended up buying the Deuter act light 60+10 it's a good size and ended up being lighter than the displayed weight. After some meticulous research however I realized that it was almost exactly like the osprey atmos except for the airflow harness design. However the deuter is about $20 cheaper so I went with it and it serves it's purpose just fine. I can't complain and that's all we really ask for as hikers.