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    • IMScotty wrote:

      For Roy.... R.I.P
      I always liked Roy Clark. Interesting that this video's cover image is a photo of Japanese Album cover. I don't read, write, or speak Japanese, but I can recognize it, having lived in Japan from July 1971 to February 1972 (...when I was young). American music was very popular in Japan back then (which is when Roy would have been active). We did buy many American albums packaged for distribution in Japan (don't recall buying Roy Clark). I don't know if maybe my parents still have some of them. Probably not. One thing I remember is that when records were sold in Japan it was expected that the lyrics to all the songs be printed inside the album cover. Since most US recordings don't include lyrics, they were often added to the Japanese versions as an printed insert. However it was obvious the Japanese didn't bother to get the official lyrics from the artists but rather would just listen to the album and transcribe them. It was also obvious they didn't bother to hire Americans to help them as the transcriptions were often bad to point of being funny. The more US-oriented jargon and slang there were in the lyrics, the more they just made stuff up.
    • this just came across one of my spotify created playlists. ("discover weekly" -- 30 songs they send each week that their computer thinks you'll like.) i think i posted it a couple years ago, but it's worth another listen.

      can you name them all? :)

      the biggest omission has to be garth -- he's sold more albums than anyone except the beatles (his wife is there).
      and of course taylor got her start in country. :)
      2,000 miler

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