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Cheaha State Park, CCC camp commeration special event

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    • Cheaha State Park, CCC camp commeration special event

      This year I was able to go with the local ham radio club over to Cheaha State Park. We got on the air about 9:30 AM CDT. I was the ham radio operator form 9:30 to about 10:20 AM CDT. I made around 20-30 contacts during that time. My first time at being on the receving end of a pileup.

      What does that mean ? When a ham radio operator is through with a contact, they ask 'is someone out there calling me ?' and since the club sends out a QSL card confirming the contact, with the stone tower pictured on it, a large number of people all transmitt at the same time call us.

      Some times I heard their call signs, some tmes all I heard was mumblemumblemumble!mumble as 20 people told/yelled/said their call signs at the same time.

      I did find out one of the other club members goes hiking, and suggested I get hiking poles for the trails around Cheaha. He hiked in northern Greenland last year. All I have to say to that is brrrrrrr ! He and I were the only ones wearing hiking boots today. Everyone else wore sneakers.
      "What do you mean its sunrise already ?!", me.
    • socks wrote:

      JimBlue wrote:

      some photos. The old guy wearing boots is me. The other picture is of the tower. I saw two people bicycle by when I got off shift. I talked to about 20-30 people around the US.
      Jim, you ever read this book, it's pretty good.
      I agree it was pretty good. If you do not want to buy it, see if your local library can get it for you through inter-library loan.
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