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For Sale: Cuben Tarp with Net Tent 18.6 oz total

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    • For Sale: Cuben Tarp with Net Tent 18.6 oz total

      For anyone wanting to take the plunge into cuben shelters and not spend a fortune, here's your chance. I am selling this only because I have plans to build another and need the bling to buy material. The tarp is mostly ,51 cuben with the lower front .75 and weighs 9.2 ozs with the two optional lines for end lift and the stuff sack. The net tent has a 5" bathtub floor of 1.0 cuben and weighs 9.4 oz in the stuff sack. It's a great shelter and I got tons of compliments on it during my recent lash.

      The tarp is a protoptype so it has some markings on it where I did layout with a gray marker, not very noticeable on the green cuben. The floor of the net tent measures 26" wide at each end and 32" wide in the middle ( think 5 sided, sort of a rectangle that is pregnant on one side). It is shown with a regular size neoair xlite, Height of the net tent is around 45" in the middle at the doorway and slopes down to around 22" at both ends. The net tent has lifters that hook to the underside of the tarp which in turn has lifters that you can run lines to sticks to pull the sides of the tarp and net tent to give more room (similar to what zpacks and others do). The vestibule area is big enough to store your pack and shoes out of the weather. Normal setup uses short cord tie outs which hold the tarp edges up around 5 or 6 inches and the front around 18". It can be pinned down close to the ground for storm mode. The net tent has bath tub sides of about 5".The net tent also has 2 net pockets for small gear and a water bottle and it has a mitten hook at the apex to hang a light from. The tarp door can be shut with either velcro strips or by using the zipper, I always used just the velcro unless it was stormy as this made getting out easier. It is used although still in very good condition. A similar set up from Zpacks or others is over $500. This is has been used for over 700 miles on the AT, about 40 nights spent in it.

      I will make this offer here, if you buy it and set it up and don't like it, send it back (shipping at your expense) and I'll refund your money. It is also FS on TOS at a higher price for now.

      $250 shipped CONUS. Paypal.
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    • jimmyjam wrote:

      Price drop
      After selling several items..... do not do that, spread it over several back pack sites with a detailed explanation and pictures. Then subscribe to the thread for activity. Most sites may have a hold for ten posts prior to selling something... Get the money for your efforts - included free shipping instead.
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