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AWOL on the Appalachian Trail by David Miller

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    • I guess I have to give HikerBoy credit for making a thread I created popular.

      I will always remember Danny Ainge saying there is only one letter difference between whiner and winner. :)
      The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage.
      Richard Ewell, CSA General

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    • Just reread the previous posts, it was actually BirdBrain with the whining posts for the search engine. HikerBoy just didn't like the book.

      Miss both of those guys. At least I know where to find HB, no clue what ever happened to BB or where to find him.

      Would be awesome to meet up with old BirdBrain when I am in ME next summer.
      The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage.
      Richard Ewell, CSA General
    • I hate whiners! I went to my 50 year high school reunion this year, one of the guys and I were reminiscing about basketball games we had when we were in our twenties, he coached there and had a key to the gym, we played a combo of basketball/football, no blood no foul, I was going for a lay up once and he hit me with a cross body block that sent me across the gym, that was okay, I got my shots too, we thought it was just great that we could beat the hell out of each other without whining and then go drink beer together...we both had the same attitude, give me your best shot but don't whine when you get it back.
      I may grow old but I'll never grow up.
    • A few years ago I reunited with a guy whom I used to play BB with in a similar fashion. After HS we went separate ways and lost contact. By extraordinary chance, we reunited a couple of years ago and now hike together when possible. However he now brings his guide dog as he was blinded in Afghanistan.

      Lest we forget.....

      SSgt Ray Rangel - USAF
      SrA Elizabeth Loncki - USAF
      PFC Adam Harris - USA
      MSgt Eden Pearl - USMC