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Pop Muzik

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    • Years ago, I spent a winter sailing in the Caribbean aboard my uncles boat. Nice way to spend a winter, sailing aboard a 65 ft. custom catamaran on someone elses dime, huh? Anyway, at one point we anchored off the Soggy Dollar Bar at Jost Van Dyke, BVI (an infamous gin joint where if your boat had shallow draft you could drop the hook just off the beach and wade ashore for a drink or 2). While there we met a couple off another boat. The girl was a very cute blondie (really young) and the guy was a scraggly dude (not so young) who was sticking a video camera in everyone's face. I think they were brits. I asked what was the deal with the camera. He said he was documenting their sailing and posting it on YouTube. He told me how to view YouTube videos as I had never actually been to the site. When I got back home I checked out the video. Wow, it was blondie making French toast to Billy Joel.

      Here she is (I don't even remember her name). So cute!!!!