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  • Quote from max.patch: “update; new details emerge. 80 year old hiker told the family members to go ahead; blames himself for the incident. the family members were 19 and 14. unionleader.com/news/safety/re…90-b872-4b2c2809d7d5.html ” Sheesh. You'd think the 19 year old would have enough sense to disagree with grandpa. I was going to post some snarky reply but I think the three of them learned a valuable (and quite possibly an expensive) lesson. Note to self: add another layer of clothing to the p…

  • Astro on the AT 2019

    StalkingTortoise - - Trip Report


    Looking forward to your impressions of Crawford Notch through Gorham. And your time to beat on the Gale River Trail is 2:45. Have a blast!

  • Took a walk today

    StalkingTortoise - - General


    Strolled around Annapolis this weekend. Brick sidewalks, salt air, outdoor seating at the bars & restaurants... Crab & Artichoke Dip Crab Cake Sandwich Crabby Tater Tots Crab Oscar Crab Cake Eggs Benedict Mmmmmmm... crabs.

  • Quote from Astro: “Quote from StalkingTortoise: “Beautiful day to be out on the water! appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b ” So you are a pirate. ” I like rum and booty. Seemed like a no-brainer.

  • Beautiful day to be out on the water! appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b

  • Whiskey Thread

    StalkingTortoise - - Coffee Talk


    Quote from StalkingTortoise: “Visited my favorite liquor store in Elkton MD today. Couldn't decide between the two so I compromised and bought both. appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b The I.W. Harper was highly rated in an article I read a few months ago, and the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (115 proof) won 'Whisky of the Year". I'll get to my first taste test after I finish the Calumet Farm. ” Took my first taste of the 115 proof Elijah Craig Barrel Proof this week. Poured it…

  • Hiking Plans 2019

    StalkingTortoise - - Trip Planning


    Just booked the huts for my late summer hike - Crawford Notch to Gorham: 9/1 Mizpah Spring 9/2 Lake of the Clouds 9/3 Madison Spring 9/4 Joe Dodge Lodge 9/5 Carter Notch I tried to reserve Greenleaf Hut for 9/7 but it was already booked full. Looks like I'll bring my full pack with me and make the decision on 9/6 if I backpack and camp to cover the 'orphan' section from Franconia Notch to the Gale River Trail on 9/7 & 9/8. The other possibility is to head up to NH early and hit the orphan before…

  • Cinque Terre Wrap-Up My sister told me I have no choice but to return so I can hike all of the coastal trails once they are opened. My daughter wants to visit the Cinque Terre so we can make it a family affair. She has been to Italy twice but never made it to the Ligurian coast. I loved the 586 trail. In fact, I would do it again but skip the descent into Corniglia. The views of Manarola and Corniglia from the terraced vineyards were outstanding, with the Mediterranean ever-sparkling in the back…

  • Just to make it official, we took the train from Corniglia to Riomaggiore and went for a quick stroll through the village. The skies were turning black and the occasional drizzle we had endured was ready to turn into a full-fledged downpour. I didn't even take one picture in Riomaggiore. Bought a magnet for the fridge to complete my set of five, grabbed a Coke Zero for the walk back to the train station, then we huddled in the tunnel at the end of the train platform as the rain began to fall. Ca…

  • I had done my homework before leaving for Italy and found that there was one option for hiking between Manarola and Corniglia. Trail 506 climbs steeply out of Manarola to the mountain village of Volastra. Trail 586 runs side-hill to the northwest at a fairly consistent elevation profile before intersecting with trail 587 which plunges down the mountain to Corniglia. And it's worthwhile to note that there are 382 steps connecting Corniglia with its train station at sea level. Option 1: Start at t…

  • The trail between Manarola and Riomaggiore is named the Via Dell'Amore (Lover's Way). Although it's closed between the villages, a small section is still open on the Manarola side. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a brief stroll with my wife of 30 years. appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0bappalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b The next stop was an overlook on the north side of the village fo…

  • Being married to a nurse is both a blessing and a curse. She cleaned me up pretty well, steri-stripped my elbow back together, but wanted to put me on bed rest. I didn't come all the way to Italy to sit on the veranda when there there were trails and views calling my name. I demanded that we at least hike south to the point where the trail was closed so we could see Vernazza from above. appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6…

  • So, my Day 1 plan was chewed up and spit out. We (my wife, my sister and I) put our heads together and decided that the next best course of action would be... wine. appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b Fresh pesto and a crisp local white wine did wonders to improve my outlook. While we were down by the harbor, I decided to climb out on the rocks at the breakwater and take some pictures back towards the village. appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b appalach…

  • Our apartment overlooked the main street from the train station to the harbor. Our veranda was just above the drying laundry. appalachiantrailcafe.net/index…c509aef9b0b7b235ef21f6f0b The interesting part was that the entrance to our apartment was on the back side of the building. We had to walk up a combination of steps and ascending walkways that happened to make up the 'hiking trail' to Corniglia. In other words, our apartment door was five feet from the trail. Our airbnb host met us at the do…

  • "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." I had plans. Big plans. My sister who lives in Italy had been bugging me for years to come visit so we could hike the seaside trails connecting the Cinque Terra, or 'Five Lands' for those of you not versed in the Italian language. From the south, the villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare hug the cliffs of the Ligurian Coastline, AKA the Italian Riviera. This was the year that the stars aligned. I cashe…

  • Tragedy on the AT

    StalkingTortoise - - AT Specific


    Quote from max.patch: “back to the soap opera... here's his picture and a picture of the machete, which turned out to be a guitar, then a 20 inch knife, and is now a 17 inch knife. hiker%20with%20knife_1556041406417.png_83928839_ver1.0_640_360.jpg ” Shoulda drilled holes in the handle to save weight. Ounces add up to pounds...

  • Tragedy on the AT

    StalkingTortoise - - AT Specific


    Quote from odd man out: “Quote from Astro: “This story keeps twisting and turning, makes you wonder what will happen next. wbir.com/article/news/crime/ar…c1-4484-b092-a171b34b374b ” I'm always getting guitars and machete mixed up. It's so confusing. ” I play a mean air machete.

  • REI garage sale

    StalkingTortoise - - General


    I have not visited any of the Garage Sales but my daughter is a regular. She says that the SOP is to grab a pack or piece of luggage and stuff in as many 'interesting' items as possible before going to a quiet corner of the store to actually review or try on each item. Keep what you want and return the rest to the sale area. She has scored a few nice items for a fraction of the original cost. One item was an Osprey Porter travel pack / carry-on bag. It had one broken buckle, and Osprey immediate…

  • I reported on this deal in my trip report from the Sams Gap - Dennis Cove section. The owner of Doe River Hiker Rest / The Station at 19E is definitely a sleazebag based on his predatory practices at the 19E trailhead. A former used car salesman? That is believable. During my stay at Mountain Harbour, I spoke with hikers who were approached at the trailhead with a combination of a sell job for the Doe River Hostel and false information about Mountain Harbour. With that said, Mountain Harbour's s…

  • Question about PA

    StalkingTortoise - - Appalachian Trail


    And the outfitters sneak into the woods at night with files and chisels to sharpen them. Gotta drum up new business any way possible... I don't think I ever want to hike the section from Wind Gap to Fox Gap again. Scratch that... I KNOW I don't want to hike it again.