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Tarptent Double Rainbow

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  • Tarptent Double Rainbow

    Listed Weight—40 Ounces
    Listed Capacity—2 Person
    Two door, two person single wall tent made from silicon coated nylon. Suitable for 3+ season use.

    Initial Thoughts
    Henry Shires makes a fantastic tent and the Double Rainbow is a functional and well-made tent. At 41 ounces the tent is very light for a two person tent without the expense of cuben fiber. With two it has just enough space, but it’s a palace when going solo. I seam sealed the tent which took about 45 minutes and the tent has kept me very dry every time it has rained so far. Just like any other tent there will be condensation on the ceiling when the conditions are right.

    Pros— Weight, Space, simple setup, well made
    Cons— Not freestanding unless you have trekking pole extenders, stuff sack isn't durable

    Tarptents Specs
    Weight— 41 ounces
    Area 30.5 square feet
    Height— 43 inches
    Width - 50 inches
    Length— 88 inches
    Pack Size— 18 x 4 inches
    Stakes Included— Six 6 inch Stakes
    Price $289

    Long Term Thoughts
    After about 45 nights in this tent I am more than satisfied. The tent is easy to setup, easy to take down and pack even in the rain. Trekking poles can be used to support the tent for extra ventilation or as supplemental supports to carry the snow load or handle high winds. JimmyJam made me a replacement stuff sack from cuben fiber along with a stake bag.

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