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How to Make a Ditty Bag

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  • This is a simple project for beginners. You will need a piece of silnylon or cuben, some small cord, a small toggle, and a small safety pin. Directions are the same, in this example I am using some .51 cuben. Like most sewing projects you will make this inside out.

    Step 1
    Decide what size sack you want to make. Then add 2" to the height(add 2-1/2 for silnylon) and double the width and add 1/2" for cuben and 1" for silnylon. Cut out the material with a hot knife if you have one to minimize unraveling.

    Step 2
    Make the draw cord tunnel. Fold the two corners of the top inward 1-1/2" to make two triangles. Sew down the vertical edge. Then fold the top edge down 1/4". Then fold down again until the top is even with the bottom of the stitched triangles. Now stitch all the way across thru the 1/4" fold.

    Step 3
    Fold the two side together and sew 1/4" inside for cuben and about an 1" for silnylon. Next flatten the bag out and for cuben sew another row of stitching next to the first. For sil fold the raw edge in and under and then sew. This step is a little tricky as it can be difficult not to catch the other side of the bag in your seam. The smaller the bag, the more difficult this step is.

    Step 4
    Now sew across the bottom 1/4" up for cuben and 1/2" for sil. Next fold this up once for cuben and sew across again. For sil fold up twice so that the raw edge is inside the seam and sew.

    Step 5
    Now turn the bag right side out. Take a small safety pin and stick the end of your cord on it. Now feed it thru the cord tunnel and put the toggle on.That's it, congratulations.

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