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Winter Linville Gorge

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  • Winter Linville Gorge

    On February 27th, 28th and 29th I did a two night out and back trip from Wolf Pit Road trail-head to Table Rock mountain and back. In typical cafe fashion I planned this trip while driving 80 mph east on I-40 heading back from the Smokies. I stopped at a McDonald's to borrow some free Wifi to get a picture of a the trails and away I went. Going up Wolf Pit road in my 2002 Honda Accord was risky with the amount of ice and snow on the road. The final hill going down to the trail-head parking lot made me think I was in trouble when it was time to go home.

    Views going north along the rim and a view of Table Rock maountain

    The trail goes along this very steep section. The trail is about 2 feet wide in some spots with nothing to the one side except air.

    Early the next morning I was able to get out as the ice was still very hard on the road. That Honda has been places that an Accord has no reason to be.
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  • Wise Old Owl -

    The Honda most likely has a year round tread. Discover the drive wheels, front or back and jump for a winter tread as I just did for the Ford Hybrid and you will laugh at winter and ice.

  • hikerboy -

    wait a minute!! is this the rants section?

  • Rasty -

    Let me tell you where to put that selfie stick!

  • hikerboy -

    you need a selfie stick